Romance is dead

 “Dead Even is a wry, hilarious look at a young unassuming woman who has lived dully, died ridiculously and left a wise-cracking ghost.”

“It’s like Bridget Jones Diary with a paranormal twist”

“Smoothly written and by turns both hilarious and poignant, Dead Even takes a host of familiar tropes and turns them upside down”

To read, continue to Chapter One ->

Now the manuscript has been completed all the chapters apart from chapter one have been taken down!

However if you have any interest in being a beta reader please get in touch on the contact or facebook pages 😀

Thanks to all that have helped me get to this point and are still helping me!


I absolutely Implore you to please, please, PLEASE like the Facebook page

It may seem trivial but one day when you see Dead Even published as a real book, you would have helped by introducing new people to read it.

Also if you frivolously backed something like a photo of a dog on a skateboard or a status about a cheese sandwich recently , you’re morally obligated to potentially change my life with a ‘like’ (pretty please)

Thank you again and enjoy.


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