If you have critique, suggestions or interest in Dead Even please contact us;

Thank you for reading, I hope your enjoying it!

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Thank you again



8 thoughts on “Contact

    • Thank you so much! I’m enjoying your blog hugely and wish you every success with it 🙂 hope you enjoy what’s up atm, critique is more than welcome and chapter five will be going up tomorrow. Thanks again

  1. You’re most welcome. I admire your courage to go for the jugular and make your book a reality. I’ve had a book in my head for sometime now. What’s held me back? I think I’m better at articulating in my mind than in words, lol. I see the big picture, but what my mind sees doesn’t always match up to what my fingers type. Also, I suck at grammar and syntax; and spelling? We won’t even go there. I wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for spell-check. ;D

    I’m pretty good in debate and don’t seem to have issues with articulating what i want to say on any given subject, but putting a book together? Mega writer’s block. I’m using this blog to gather my sources and practice putting things into my own words (which I’ve only just begun). Hopefully, things will fall into place in due time. Thanks again. =)

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